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Records Management Forms

ARM-01 Records Inventory Form 

Instructions for ARM-01 (PDF)

State Records Center Transmittal Spreadsheet (EXCEL) - Complete this Excel spreadsheet prior to sending records to the State Records Center. 

Transmittal Form Instructions (PDF)

Electronic Records Transmittal Form (PDF) - Complete this form to accompany the transfer of electronic records.

Information Leaflet #14, Storing Records at the State Records Center provides storage procedures.

On-line Request: Fill out a Reference Request Form on-line. You will receive electronic confirmation that your request was successfully submitted.

Mail or fax: Fill out a Reference request form (PDF) and mail it to 1942-A Laurel Street, Columbia, SC 29201 or fax it to (803) 898-9981

ARM-8A Microfilm Transmittal and Receipt

ARM-11 Report on Records Destroyed - Can be used with General Schedules and agency-specific schedules. 

Instructions for ARM-11

ARM-12 Microfilm Quality Certification for Records Disposition 

ARM-13 Authorization for Disposal of Original Paper Records Stored as Digital Images 

Information Leaflet #13 (PDF) provides requirements as to when records may be destroyed after imaging. 

Microfilm Certificates and Targets

Microfilm Lab Work Order

 *Unless otherwise noted, forms are in Word format.