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The field of historic preservation encompasses a variety of subjects, such as art, social studies, geography, and civics. Students can learn about art and architecture, how the government protects historic places, how cities and towns developed, and the history of our state and nation. The following resources help teachers incorporate historic preservation into learning:

Charleston Architectural Study (8th Grade)

Charleston History Through Architecture:
Based on South Carolina Academic Standards, these lesson plans can be altered for any town in South Carolina:

  Credit: Katherine L. Stamps wrote this curriculum as part of her master's thesis for the Clemson
  University/College of Charleston Graduate Program in Historic Preservation. Ms. Stamps
  received a degree in Secondary Social Science Education from Auburn University in 2007.

          Lesson One: Charleston’s Built Environment
          (Introduction, PowerPoint PDF, Teacher Script)

          Lesson Two: Plantation and Urban Architecture in Colonial Charleston
          (Introduction, PowerPoint PDF [2 MB], Teacher Script,
          Plantation Architecture handout, Urban Architecture handout)

          Lesson Three: Preserving Charleston’s African American Culture
          (Introduction, PowerPoint PDF [2 MB], Teacher Script)

          Lesson Four: Civil War, Reconstruction, and Change in Charleston
          (Introduction, PowerPoint PDF [4.6 MB], Teacher Script)

          Lesson Five: Charleston’s Preservation Movement in the Twentieth Century
          (Introduction, PowerPoint PDF [2.6 MB], Teacher Script)

          Lesson Six: Mock Board of Architectural Review (BAR) Meeting
          (Introduction, Teacher GuideIntroductory handoutBAR handout,
          Business Owner handout, Homeowner handout [2 MB],
          Local Preservation Organization handout, Interested Citizens handout,
          Zoning Amendment [5 MB])

          Lesson Seven: Charleston Wrap-Up (Introduction)