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Project Review Guidance

Agreement and Covenant Templates:

Sample ACHP & SHPO Memorandum of Agreement (PDF)
Sample FCC Memoranda of Agreement
Sample National Park Service & SHPO Covenant Agreement (PDF)

Agreement Documents Guidance

Archaeological Survey Investigation:

Reconnaissance Surveys
Intensive Surveys 

Complying with Architectural Covenants (PDF) 

Consultant's Guide to Survey and National Register Files (PDF)

Directory of South Carolina's Local History, Historic Preservation, and Cultural Organizations (PDF)

Guidance for Archaeological Site Monitoring (PDF)

Guidance for Assessing Visual and Indirect Effects to Historic Landscapes

Guidance for Citizens: Protecting Historic Properties with Section 106

Guidelines for Surveying Post-World War II Neighborhoods and Residences (PDF)

Mitigation Examples

Policy on Review of Proposed Replacement Windows (PDF)

Preservation Hotline #3: Is there a highway project in your future? (PDF)

Preservation Hotline #12: Complying with State and Federal Regulations: Archaeological Site Identification, Evaluation, & Mitigation (PDF) 

Review and Compliance Workshops PowerPoint Presentations 

Rice Fields and Section 106: SHPO Guidance for Federal Agencies and Applicants (PDF)

Section 106 Applicant Toolkit

SC Standards & Guidelines for Archaeological Investigations (PDF)

Survey Manual: Statewide Survey of Historic Places (PDF)  

Selecting a Consultant - Lists of Preservation Professionals  

Statement on the Use of the Term Potentially Eligible (PDF)

Success Stories

Textile Mill Development Rehab Tips (PDF)

Tribal Consultation

Traditional Cultural Properties and Section 106